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Outhouse Orchards



There is nothing better than taking a walk with the friends I made in the ELI; especially in the breathtakingly beautiful autumn. We used special tools to push aside the twigs and reach the sparkling red apples on the tree. They were not completely ripe, and a little bit sour, which just made the taste better. Besides, we went for a hayride to see around the farm. It was absolutely amazing- we sat on the dry grass that had a rich aroma of flora. Besides, since it's near Halloween, the pumpkins were sitting sweetly, waiting for the festival on the field. The bright orange color from pumpkins mixed with the yellow or green from grass together, made a dream-like world. Finally, we had a corn maze competition. I enjoyed it so much, and trusted Jason for our team leader. Since the sunshine blushed my cheek, that made me set my mind at rest, I thought it must be nice to just relax and follow my teammates! All in all, we were able to know more about each other and promoted friendship though this wonderful trip. I love it.

By Rhea Wang, Fall 2013 ELI Student from China



This is the second week already, time flies so fast. After the morning classes, we went apple picking this week. While we were sleeping on the bus, the bus arrived at Outhouse Orchards, which is the place that we were going to have some unexpected fun. When I saw the view of the whole place, it was such a big farm to me. When I thought about it, I felt like a small farmer girl at that time. We got a bag and two picking staffs, and were ready to pick apples. During the picking, most of us "tasted" apples without washing them first, which was super funny. After we filled the bag with apples, we decided to have more fun on the farm. We went on a hay-ride, which was really slow, but nice. Then, we played a game in the corn called corn-maze. This was the most interesting part for me that day. We had two groups, one which was Carly, Zhipeng and me, and the other one was Margie, Camila, Rhea, Jason, and Yeongseon. The guy who worked on the farm told us we might use 20 minutes to get out from the corn before we played, but the truth is we used 40 minutes. However, Carly helped us a lot when we were guessing the answer, still, we are the winner of this game, and I was so happy about it! I am glad have a fun activity like this one! I think everyone enjoyed it!

By Gina Zhou, Fall 2013 ELI Student from China