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Last Wednesday, all of our Cultural Apps class went bowling in White Plains. Our teachers, Carly and Marguerite, were excellent hosts. They split the class into two teams, Team Carly and Team Margie. Carly's Team was formed by Carly, Camila, Jason, Laong, and Gina. Margie's Team was formed by Margie, Rhea, Yeongseon, Zhipeng, and me, Elizabeth.

Zhipeng and Jason made their best effort to be the best, and they got it.


Rhea enjoyed it a lot, and she was practicing over and over again. Laong was sitting and quiet, but very effective when she was playing. Camila was very friendly and talkative with everyone and enjoyed playing. Gina and Yeongseon were really nice and very interested, and finally Carly and Margie, our leaders, enjoyed their game while they were evaluating us without us seeming to know it. It was great.


Everybody seemed to be having a really good time. I can't speak for everybody, but I can speak for myself, so I spent a nice and charming afternoon with all of you. It was a pleasure to meet with all of you!!

By Elizabeth Miani, Fall 2013 ELI Student from Venezuela

For the first activity in the new semester, we went bowling. There are some new students in the semester which is good news for every "old" student. The game we played was fun. We had two teams, one was led by Carly, and the other one led by Margie. I was on Margie's team. We played two rounds, and our team was the winner. I think everyone in the game enjoyed it, and it was a great competition. Here are some pictures I took when we played the game, and we really spent a great time together. Everyone was happy to play the game.


By Zhipeng Li, Fall 2013 ELI Student from China