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We saw Pippin on Broadway. It was my first time to see a musical in my life. Actually, I did not expect this to be fun because I did not know Pippin. However, once the show started, I could not stop my heart pounding!! It was awesome because I could enjoy music, dancing, drama, and comedy!! I do not know a more exciting show than this Broadway musical. Also, everybody who played a role was powerful, energetic and sparkling. My favorite performer is the leading woman. I got goose bumps over and over because of her dance. I can still hear the song which was sung in the show. After I saw this show I was jealous of people who live in NY. This is the best experience I have ever had. I would definitely go there again.

By Seira Suzuki, Summer 2013 ELI Student from Japan


We went to see Pippin on Broadway on July 31. I looked forward to this day. Broadway is very large and crowded. Pippin was very interesting. I got goose bumps because the songs were the best!! In particular, the singing voice of Pippin was good. I want to see it again! I was moved that I was able to watch it on Broadway. This was a valuable experience for me. I was able to go with everyone from the ELI and it also became some good memories. It was a very good time!!

By Mariko Okuo, Summer 2013 ELI Student from Japan