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Woodbury Common

I went to the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets by bus on Wednesday July, 24. The shopping mall is vast, and there were many shops and people of all ages. I was surprised because the outlets had a variety of big-name brands at cheap prices.I bought perfume at a low price. In addition, the outlet had a food court. My friends and I had noodles and ice cream. The mall is well-equipped. I ran out of time, but I wish I had time to see more. Someday, I will go again.

By Reimi Yamada, Summer 2013 ELI Student from Japan


Today, we went to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets which is a very huge shopping mall. I had never gone to an outlet shop until now, so I was excited. I looked around many shops, and I bought bags and clothes. In addition, I bought some presents for my family. I spent a good time there. I would like to go again.

By Saori Seto, Summer 2013 ELI Student from Japan


Today, we went to Woodbury Common. There are many shops there. We bought shoes, clothes, and drinks. Many items are so cheap. Also, bags and wallets of brand-name items are around $100 to $200. That is why I did not buy anything. We were surprised. Next, I went to Starbucks two times, because if you go to there after 2 p.m, you only had to pay 2 dollars. You can choose any size. So, I felt I gained a profit. Finally, I found out today in the U.S.A, whenever we enter the shops, a sales clerk always smiles and says "Hello" or " How are you?". In Japan, they do not say much. Therefore, I felt that they are kind people. In conclusion, everyone enjoyed today. We had a good time to know about another country's shopping customs.

By Orine Sasaki, Summer 2013 ELI Student from Japan


It is the first time I go to Woodbury. There are a lot of stores such as Coach, Polo, Gap, Nike and Kate Spade, where I bought things. I like to go there. It's different from Taiwan. Woodbury is the biggest shopping mall I have ever seen. It's so amazing that you could not go around Woodbury in a day. You must go there at least once in your life.

By Rita Lin, Summer 2013 ELI Student from Taiwan