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The Met


I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Wednesday July, 17. There were seventeen people that went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We left from Manhattanville collage at 11:30 a.m. to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art at 1.00 p.m. We went by bus. Most of students are Japanese people. I had gone to the Metropolitan Museum of Art three times already, but I always find new things. When I was walking , I saw an artist that was painting a picture. The Japanese students and I walked together. All of them spoke Japanese. I couldn't understand. What did they say? I asked them if they could speak English please. Next time I will go again.

By Laong Cayom, Summer 2013 ELI Student from Thailand


Today, I had an artistic day. I visited the MET museum. There were a lot of statues and the one I like most is in the picture above. There were many kinds of antiques which had been saved for a lot of years. Some paintings attracted me a lot because the paintings, which were drawn by artists, were painted in different ways from Chinese paintings. In addition, I appreciated the paintings very much. When I went to the roof of the MET, I found the view could be very awesome! Although the weather was very hot, it didn't influence our mood.

By Tony Tung-Hsien, Summer 2013 ELI Student frmo Taiwan


We all went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art on the 17th of July. It is in New York City. We were surprised how big it was. There were five floors and each floor had a lot of rooms which are places of various collections. We saw many collections such as beautiful paintings, sculptures, metal work, stained glass, photographs, and so on. Plenty of people were visiting and looking earnestly at the collections. It was difficult to look all of them in a day so we hoped that we had more time. Even though we could not completely go around for everything, we had a wonderful time and learned about a lot of art from different artists all over the world. All in all, we all appreciate the teachers planning this so that we could have this valuable experience. I'd like to visit there again in the future.

By Haruka Shimada, Summer 2013 ELI Student from Japan