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Game Day




July 10th was game day. We did game day with the graduate students of this college. We wore tie dye t-shirts and exercised. For example, we ran a variety of races. It was too hard for us. In addition, we moved a big balloon with our bodies. For instance, we held a racket in our hand and we substituted a balloon for a shuttle. Finally, we talked about our game day impression with the teachers. Furthermore, we took a picture with them together. Game day is the best memory and we will not forget this experience!

By Kaho Ogawa, Summer 2013 ELI Student from Japan


I am Brian. This is a student's experience of game day.

Last Thursday, I came to the ELI office with great excitement after class. The tie dye shirt was too colorful for me to wear, and my shirt's color did not represent the color I expected. In spite of these numerous reasons, I still wore it to participate in the game day activities.


When we arrived at the gym, the Japanese girls were so enthusiastic that they asked me to take photos. Originally, I thought that it was a wonderful invitation, but after that, they requested me to do weird poses, making me feel strongly embarrassed. ( Just like the picture above)

After the teacher explained the games, a man whose name was Drew asked me to be his teammate. The games began with different movements and postures. Some of them were a piece of cake, while others were totally difficult. What struck me as the most difficult was "crab walking," where two people had to cooperate together to fulfill the mission. The person in the front must grab the legs of the person behind them, and that person needed to use their hands as support. Also, the games included considerably fun activities, such as "balloon badminton" and "balloon volleyball", which impressed and excited me a lot.

Eventually, it was chat time and time to say goodbye. Drew told me a lot of information about the school, and I shared something special about my country and myself. During the game day, I underwent an awesome experience with the college graduates. We became friends and also got acquainted with others, who knows, maybe we will be business partners in the foreseeable future. Thanks to Drew, my best leader and teammate who gave me such a pleasant day!

By Brian Hsu, Summer 2013 ELI Student from Taiwan


I am studying English at Manhattanville College. Today is game day. We performed a lot of excercises. For example, we used balloons and rackets like a tennis exercise. For game dau, we wore tie-dye t-shirts. They were made by us about one week ago. We enjoyed game day very much. Thank you to the teachers and other students. I want to play the games again. Thank you for reading. See you.

By Megumi Funaki, Summer 2013 ELI Student from Japan