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The Bronx Zoo



     Vacation is coming, do you have any plans? Do you know what to do?I have a sugestion. One beautiful and interesting place to go is the Bronx Zoo. It is like the name says, it is located in the Bronx, NY. There, you can see so many different kinds of animals and learn at the same time. There are people trained to give us all the information we want. In the zoo, you can see from little bugs like insects and butterflies to big animal like gorillas and tigers. It is a good option for vacation or weekends, but if you decide to go there, go with plenty of time planned and comfortable clothes and shoes because it is so huge that you need time to see everthing and comfortable chothes and shoes to be comfortable.

I hope I helped... Enjoy the ride!!!


By Seika Kosaka, Summer 2013 ELI Student from Brazil