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The American Museum of Natural History

     We went to the American Museum of Natural History in New York this Wednesday, on 04/17/2013. I am very happy that we went to a museum this time because I think it is a good topic to write about; especially because it is in New York City. I went to this museum a year ago, so this is the second time I have been there. Honestly, I am not a big fan of museums. Museums, for me, are good places to take a nap, but I think this one is very interesting. Last time, I looked at a lot of specimens of big animals, such as dinosaurs and mammoths, but this time with the group, we visited the Hayden Planetarium theater, which I have never seen before. In the theater, there was a short movie that talked about the stars and sky, and other related things. The most interesting thing for me about the movie was the projection on the ceiling. When I watched the movie, it was like looking at the sky. Also, there were a lot of other things to see. I think it is a really great place to visit, and maybe if you have time and you are interested in earth and nature, you can go and enjoy it.


By Zhipeng Li, Spring 2013 ELI Student from China


     We went to the museum last week, and it was really fun. The most fun part was the dinosaurs. We watched a lot of movies about the dinosaurs during our childhood.


We also saw some rocks from different places around the world. It was fun, but I did not know if we could touch them. I really wanted to touch the rocks when I stood near them.


This part was amazing too. I thought those animals were not real, but Jie thought those were the corpses of those animals. I have no idea if they were real or not.


In fact, those looked just liked the real animals, and we could see the details of all of them. But I have seen those animals in the zoo, and I was not that interested in it.


When we went back, I saw this. I believe that this is the Yankee team's home place. Baseball is not that famous in China, but the caps of the Yankees are really famous.


We all had a nice trip, even though we felt really tired.

By Yuxi Su, Spring 2013 ELI Student from China