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A Maze In Pottery

Pottery2      On April 3rd, we went to A Maze In Pottery where we could make our own pottery. As soon as I stepped into this place, I could see a lot of unique pottery painted in various colors, especially a really pretty soap case decorated with bubble shapes. First, we chose a piece of pottery which we would paint. It was too hard for me to pick only one piece of pottery because there were a number of shapes like a mug, a plate, and a fire truck. There was even a statue of Buddha. Then we chose some colors we wanted to use. After that, we started to paint our pottery. Many students made their pottery unique by painting their own design. To make clearly colored pottery, we needed to paint it three times. We will get them back 1 week later because it takes some time to dry. After finishing our activity, we went back to school at 4 p.m. This trip was a fun and unique experience. If someone wants to make unique stuff, I will recommend this place!


By Yeongseon Ko, Spring 2013 ELI Student from South Korea

     Last trip, we went to A Maze In Pottery where we could pick out and paint our own pottery. All of us had so much fun at that place. When we arrived there, we felt a little disappointed because we thought it was a very childish place and not suitable for us. But later, we found out it was a good place where we can make our own designs. While painting, we talked to each other and told some jokes. I thought most of us were very artistic. We painted unique designs that afternoon. At the end of the trip, we looked forward to receiving our pottery next week.


  By Grace Li, Spring 2013 ELI student from China