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Mary Ann's Mexican Restaurant


     I went to Mary Ann's restaurant on Wednesday, March 27th. Fifteen people went to the restaurant. We went to Mary Ann's by bus. We left from school at 12:40 pm. We arrived at Mary Ann's at 1:15pm. Mary Ann's is in Port Chester, NY. I ordered Mexican food, but I forgot the name of the food. We drove back to Manhattanville at 3:00pm. We arrived at Manhattanville at 3:30pm. I had a good trip. Thank you so much.

By Laong Cayom, Spring 2013 ELI Student from Thailand

      The ELI's teachers always take us somewhere on Wednesdays. Sometimes, they take us to a restaurant, and sometimes we go to some places to have fun. On the last Wednesday of March, we went to a Mexican restaurant. We went there by a big bus which can fit all of us. When we arrived, I saw many cars that were parked in front of the Mexican restaurant. I thought that the restaurant is very popular, and I thought that I could have some good food over there. After I stepped in the restaurant, the first feeling that the restaurant gave me was dark. I do not like it to be very bright during the meal time, so that feeling made me comfortable. At the beginning, I did not have any idea about the menu, so I asked my teacher to help me to decide my meal, which was chicken with some vegetables. That was very delicious, and I liked it very much.


By Jie Chen, Spring 2013 ELI Student from Shanghai