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The First Hockey Game of the Season

     Last Friday the hockey season started for our school team. The first opponent was Nazareth and we played them in Stamford, Connecticut ,which is quite a bit away from our campus. Manhattanville doesn´t have its own ice stadium and therefore, every fan has to make their own way to the games. Normally, there is a bus for students who want to support the team, but unfortunately, this Friday, it was cancelled. However, a lot of students came to see the game.
     Hockey is played over three periods of 15 minutes, and for everybody who has never seen a game before, it is a very fast and rough sport. Because the players are substituted frequently, they give all they have for a short period and then leave the ice. That's why the game is so fast. Furthermore, the players hit each other all the time, mostly against the walls, which look pretty brutal and heightens the atmosphere in the stadium. Unfortunately, the refs normally don´t let the players fight in college like they do in the NHL, for example. Speaking of the atmosphere, that's what makes the hockey games fun. Everybody is cheering for their own team and yelling at the opponent and their fans. The public is never watching in silence, but standing and shouting all the time, which might be caused by a drink or two before the game.
     Unfortunately, I didn´t bring any jacket to the game because I wasn´t expecting it to be so cold in the stadium. The ice is cooling down the whole arena, even below the temperatures outside. That makes it pretty unpleasing to watch all three periods if you are just wearing a shirt, so bring a jacket.
     Even though we all were a little cold, it was awesome to watch, and we also won 4 to 1. It doesn´t really matter if you're a not a complete hockey fan, or don´t now the rules exactly, it is still fun to be at the games because of the atmosphere and all the hits. So if you haven´t seen a game yet, go!

By Finn Bauer, Fall 2012 ELI Student from Germany