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A Special Scavenger Hunt

      Last Wednesday we did a scavenger hunt for our weekly out of classroom activity. The gist of the game was to figure out little riddles about our campus, and the solution was always a certain spot like an office or a building. Originally, the paper chase was supposed to be outside. The idea was to let us run all around campus and find and solve the riddles, but unfortunately hurricane Sandy crossed these plans. She just had ravaged the campus the night before and because of that, broken stuff and a lot of branches were lying everywhere. For that reason, the teams had to solve their clues inside the classrooms and were given a new riddle after they had solved the one before. Some of them were quite obvious, for example:

Is your brain matter shriveling and in need of tending?
Get yourself to this building to start the mending!
Stacks and stacks to choose from- don´t know where to start?
The people at the front desk are ready to do their part.
Ask politely- and they´ll give to you just what you need- another clue!


While others where quite challenging:

We´ll show you around ... we´ll be your guide
Do come in ... don´t wait outside
And when we're done with least for today
We'll give you a clue and send you on your way

(I still don't know)

     Moreover, the game took place in a nice Halloween atmosphere. We were given the clues together with some creepy stuff like little plastic monsters and our teachers were wearing extremely convincing witches costumes. Unfortunately my team didn´t win, but all in all it was still a very fun activity and a nice alternative to the two boring days before during the hurricane.

By Finn Bauer, Fall 2012 ELI Student from Germany