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Animation Museum

     Last Wednesday we took the bus to a museum nearby which was showing an exhibition about 3D movie animation in detail about Blue Sky studios and their work. The animation studio is located nearby in Connecticut. They did a couple of famous Hollywood movies, for example, Robots, Ice Age, and Rio, which are mostly films for children and families.

Sportime USA


     This week we went to "Sportstime USA" for our out of classroom activity. It isn't really connected to any physical activities like the name indicates, but is rather, a game center. This place is full of arcade games and machines where you can win little prizes if you play long enough. For example, you can play for tokens at racing and shooting games and "minigames" that you could trade in to win prizes. When we entered, we all got a card with a balance of 40 game credits, which sounded like a whole lot at first, but to play most of the games you had to use more than one game credit.

The First Hockey Game of the Season

     Last Friday the hockey season started for our school team. The first opponent was Nazareth and we played them in Stamford, Connecticut ,which is quite a bit away from our campus. Manhattanville doesn´t have its own ice stadium and therefore, every fan has to make their own way to the games. Normally, there is a bus for students who want to support the team, but unfortunately, this Friday, it was cancelled. However, a lot of students came to see the game.

A Special Scavenger Hunt

     Last Wednesday we did a scavenger hunt for our weekly out of classroom activity. The gist of the game was to figure out little riddles about our campus, and the solution was always a certain spot like an office or a building. Originally, the paper chase was supposed to be outside. The idea was to let us run all around campus and find and solve the riddles, but unfortunately hurricane Sandy crossed these plans. She just had ravaged the campus the night before and because of that, broken stuff and a lot of branches were lying everywhere. For that reason, the teams had to solve their clues inside the classrooms and were given a new riddle after they had solved the one before. Some of them were quite obvious, for example:

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