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Full-Time Students

The intensive program is an academically rigorous 21.5 hour per week program.

Students take a placement test and are assigned classes according to their levels in each of the basic skills.

  • Grammar - Analyze the elements and patterns of the English sentence. Recognize and correct sentence-level errors. Practice grammar topics using all the basic language skills.

  • Reading/Vocabulary - Improve key skills: identify main ideas, recognize inferences, organizational and rhetorical strategies. Use context clues, and build vocabulary through readings from sources such as texts, literature and magazines.

  • Writing - Improve sentence structure, develop paragraphs and essays. Develop clarity, correctness and variety of style in written English.

  • Conversation - Develop conversation skills for everyday and academic life.

  • ESL Through American Culture - Content based courses focus on a specific aspect of American culture such as music, film, literature, or history. Courses vary according to level, session, and instructor.

  • TOEFL Preparation - Learn test-taking strategies, practice taking the TOEFL and increase the skill and confidence necessary to improve scores. For Intermediate and Advanced students.

  • Tutorials - Integrated skills course focuses on American and cross-cultural issues. Tutorial I: For pre-TOEFL preparation students and lower level students not interested in TOEFL prep. Tutorial II - For higher level students who do not intend to study at an American institution of higher education.

  • Cultural Applications - Strengthens integration of all English language skills and transfers them to everyday situations, on and off campus. Exposure to cultural attractions in New York City and Westchester County such as, museums, professional sporting events, restaurants and theater. Provides students with another forum for written expression through the production of a journal with students' reactions to these activities.