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Readmission Procedure

All undergraduate students who have previously attended Manhattanville College must complete a Readmission Process and be approved to resume their studies at the College.  Students are given access to course registration for the semester of their return only after their readmission has been confirmed and formalized. 

Any undergraduate student seeking to return to the College from either a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal must begin the Readmission Process no later than one month prior to the first day of classes in the anticipated semester of return. For consideration of readmission in the Spring 2015 semester, students may initiate the Readmission Process beginning October 17, 2014 and by no later than December 12, 2014

**Please note, some students may be required to meet specific criteria for readmission consideration (i.e. requesting readmission following academic dismissal, medical leave or withdrawal or a disciplinary suspension), and should be prepared to document having met all applicable criteria when requesting readmission. 

Readmission Process

For consideration of possible readmission, students must complete the items as outlined below:

1)  Provide a detailed statement requesting readmission to the College which addresses all of the following:

  • reason(s) for leaving the College;
  • how he/she has spent his/her time while away from the College (i.e.,  course work at another institution, employment, volunteer work, etc.);
  • reason(s) for wanting to resume his/her studies at Manhattanville and confirming plans to return as a part-time or full-time student.

This statement may be provided via e-mail to or regular mail addressed to the attention of the Office of Academic Advising.
2)  Provide an official transcript(s) for any course work undertaken while away from the College and/or provide a letter of recommendation from an employer if your time away has included employment or volunteer work.  Official transcript(s) and/or letters from employers in support of a student’s readmission request should be sent directly to the attention of the Office of Academic Advising (NOT Admissions).

3) Contact Financial Aid to confirm receipt of any necessary financial aid documentation (FAFSA, tax returns, verification worksheet, etc.) to allow for the calculation of any applicable financial aid package should the student’s request for readmission be approved.  Financial Aid can be reached by phone at (914) 323–5357.

4) Contact Student Accounts to confirm no outstanding balance is owed.  Should a student owe a balance to the College, it must be resolved before a student’s readmission can be confirmed.  Student Accounts can be reached by phone at (914) 323–5266.

5) Contact Residence Life if seeking on-campus housing in the semester of intended readmission.  Students are encouraged to be in touch with Residence Life when requesting readmission to ensure they are aware of Residence Life's specific deadlines and availability of housing.  **Please note, contacting Residence Life DOES NOT guarantee a student will receive a housing assignment if approved for readmission.  Residence Life may be reached by phone at (914) 323-5217.

Once a student has submitted the statement requesting readmission (Step 1) and provides all applicable supporting documentation (Step 2), the request for readmission is considered in consultation with various academic and student life areas.  If a student is approved for return academically, a student’s readmission can be finalized when both Financial Aid and Student Accounts confirm the student’s clearance within these respective areas (i.e. all documents have been provided to calculate a financial aid award as applicable and any outstanding balance owed to the College has been resolved). 

When both academic and financial clearances have been confirmed through the Office of Academic Advising, a student will be officially readmitted to the College and be permitted to register for courses soon thereafter. 

If you have any questions about the Readmission Process, please contact the Office of Academic Advising at (914) 323-5353 or