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Portfolio Guidelines for Fall 2010 or Later

Through completion of the Manhattanville Portfolio System, students will engage in:

  • Reflection on and articulation of formal and informal learning experiences as they relate to the College mission; and the

  • Development of the skills of articulate self-reflection and critical self-assessment 

The Portfolio must be presented for formal review twice in the student's academic career.  For typical four-year students, this normally occurs once at the end of the fourth semester for First Portfolio Review and at the end of the semester prior to the intended semester of graduation for Final Review. Students are registered for Portfolio Review and this will appear on the student's schedule.  Students should work closely with their academic advisors and the chairpersons of their major and minor departments to complete the Portfolio and to assure all requirements for graduation are met. Failure to submit a Portfolio when scheduled may result in an F on the transcript and and placement on academic probation the following semester. 

All Portfolios are reviewed by the Board on Academic Standards, a nine-faculty member committee.  Following the review of your Portfolio, you will be notified by the Office of Academic Advising.  You may pass the Portfolio in its entirety or you may be asked to revise and resubmit parts of the Portfolio.