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First Review Requirements


First Review Portfolios are due May 5th, 2014.


**See your Chairpersons and advisor at least 2 weeks prior to the Portfolio deadline to receive approval on your Portfolio submission.


All approvals must be posted on the Portfolio prior to electronic submission of the Portfolio.


Don't forget to electronically "submit" your Portfolio resubmission.  Here is how to do this!


The First Review includes the following requirements:


  • The General Study Plan shows a semester-by-semester account of the proposed courses of study, for all semesters up to graduation. A student's academic advisor must approve each plan, in addition to the major department chair.  If the student is double majoring, the chairs of both majors must sign the form.

  • The Major/Minor Checklist is a list of all courses taken and projected for major and minor credit. Chairs of major/minor departments must approve each checklist. If a student chooses to double major, a minor is not required; however, the student should complete a separate checklist for each major, leaving the minor area blank. If the student is an Education major, please note that there are additional forms (see below). The major and minor department chairs, and the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Advisement in the School of Education must approve each form.
  • The General Education Worksheet is for use by students who entered the College in Fall 2009 and thereafter to list all courses you use to meet the College's general education requirements.  An official list of courses approved by the Committee on Core Curriculum as satisfying general education requirements is made available to students in the registration period for each semester by the Registrar and a website listing the General Education value of past courses can be accessed through the Registrar's "Undergraduate Course Registration Information" webpage. The courses that a student chooses to satisfy the Global Awareness Requirement should also be listed on this form (see below).

  • The Global Awareness Requirement requires that students must take two courses (6 credits) devoted to the study of a geographical or cultural area with which they were not previously familiar, or to the comparative study of cultural or behavioral differences, value or belief systems, religions, educational systems, community structures, economic or governmental systems, or artistic traditions. Since many departments and areas of study supply appropriate courses, and many majors include courses that specifically address global perspectives, it is impossible to provide a check-list of satisfactory classes. Students should use the descriptions of courses as listed in the Manhattanville College Catalog to determine the appropriateness of courses to satisfy this requirement, as well as confer with their advisor.  It should be noted, however, that introductory level foreign language classes (Levels I and II) do not fulfill this global awareness requirement. Students should list their chosen courses on the General Education Worksheet, which will be submitted with their First and Final Portfolio submissions.


  • Your Freshman Essay is your first required submission for your Portfolio.  Be sure that you have added your Freshman essay to your Portfolio.

  • The Connecting to the Liberal Arts essay is a narrative examination of the importance of the liberal arts to your education, both inside and outside of the classroom. This essay provides the opportunity to explore the courses you have taken, what you have gained from these courses, how they have helped you to identify a major and minor are of study, and how they will shape your remaining time here at Manhattanville. This essay provides an opportunity for the student to analyze her/his intellectual goals and growth, and to reflect on how the chosen program of courses relates to his/her goals. The rubric is attached to the essay.  This essay must be signed by your advisor.
  • The Examining the Mission Essay asks students to explore how their educational and extracurricular activities together have helped them to better understand and engage with the mission. A critical examination of one’s self and his or her relationship to the mission of this institution is expected.  The rubric is attached to the essay. This essay must be signed by your advisor.
  • Students are also asked to submit work that they have completed, of which they are most proud. The sample may be a paper, a photograph, a video of a dance or music recital, a piece of creative writing, or a mathematical proof, to name some examples. Along with the submission of the piece of work, students are asked to write a reflection about why they are proud of this piece of work and how and in what ways they have grown through its completion. Click here for instructions. This essay must be signed by your advisor.