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Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Office, located on the ground floor of Founder’s Hall Room G8, maintains student academic records, coordinates the College’s advising system, manages the operation of the Portfolio System, coordinates the Midterm Grade Report process each semester, oversees outreach to and tracking of Probationary Students, and provides a wide array of advising functions. The Academic Advising Office also plays an essential role in receiving and responding to concerns expressed for and by students and coordinates with various academic support and student services offices in following-up with students and offering them appropriate support and referrals. The Class Deans work within the Academic Advising Office and assist in the coordination, supervision and execution of these academic functions.

Within the context of the areas listed above, one of the primary responsibilities of the Class Deans is to be available to and meet with students in their designated class year for the purposes of general program planning and academic advisement, assistance with registration procedures and providing guidance and clarity in explaining the College’s academic policies. Class Deans also operate as an important liaison among students, faculty members, parents and various College offices and constituencies.   It is the Class Deans’ special responsibility to monitor the progress of all students in academic difficulty and provide support and referrals to appropriate College resources. A student’s designated Class Dean hears appeals for exceptions to specific academic regulations and authorizes late adds, drops or course withdrawals and Incompletes when appropriate and justified.

For additional information, please contact the Office at (P)914-323-5353, (F)914-323-5338, or  or use the links in the left column to navigate our site.