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Manhattanville Alumni Featured in Westchester Magazine’s Wunderkinds 2014

John Zanzarella and Ryan BeaudryJohn Zanzarella M.S. '10 (left) and Ryan Beaudry '08 were named to 914INC.'s list of Wunderkinds 2014.

Manhattanville College alumni John Zanzarella M.S.’10 and Ryan Beaudry ’08 were featured in Wunderkinds 2014, a list of twenty-one of the brightest minds under 30 that are having an impact on the Westchester business community. The list was published in 914INC., a publication of Westchester Magazine.

Zanzarella, who earned his master’s in Sports Business Management at the College, expressed that studying at Manhattanville helped him achieve the success he has today.

“The ability to learn from instructors who, for the most part, were business professionals themselves was also very beneficial. I personally relate better to real life experience over text book teaching and I gravitated towards the real world examples provided in the classroom,” He said.

He also pointed out that his experience at Manhattanville helped him become a better public speaker. “The Sports Business Management program placed an emphasis on presentations, collaboration, and executing the lessons that were taught in class. Today I find myself comfortable in front of a room presenting and that is something that has helped set me apart,” said Zanzarella, who is currently Chief Marketing Officer for Silverback Social, a social media agency based in White Plains, and produces the Westchester Digital Summit.

Beaudry, who graduated from Manhattanville with his bachelor’s in International Management and Finance and a minor in French, agreed that his time at the College helped him become the person he is today.

“As a student at Manhattanville, I learned valuable skills to think globally and tackle opportunities and challenges in an analytical, yet thoughtful manner.  Learning from professors in the economics/management/finance department, growing with the Duchesne Center, and leading with the Student Government Association each played an important role in shaping my future.  Through these involvements, I’ve formed strong connections with students, professors, and staff that have continued to grow and evolve over time,” said Beaudry, who is currently working at MasterCard Worldwide as Leader of Investor Relations.

When asked what tips they had for college students, both Zanzarella and Beaudry agreed that staying focused on your career and goals are essential.

“There is a lot of uncertainty in today’s job market, but the digital age of business has turned each individual in to their own brand. Hold yourself to a high standard and build that brand,” advised Zanzarella. “The two ways I do this are through networking and education. Make it a point to go out and meet new people as well as reach out to old connections in your life. By virtue of my job I am lucky enough to meet some of the most brilliant digital minds in the world. Most of these executives have years of experience on me so I make it a point to read and listen to audio books as often as possible. This allows me to try to bridge that gap between their experience and mine. Every new piece of information I learn helps me grow as a brand and allows me to help my company.”

“Don’t focus on the ‘next promotion’, instead focus on what skills are needed to accomplish career goals,” said Beaudry. “Be willing to take on challenges that stretch your skills and accept the failures (there will surely be some) as learning opportunities. If you need advice, simply ask, and support those who seek guidance from you.  Once you stop learning, it’s time for a new challenge. Focus on your goals (professionally and personally), don’t take ‘no’ at face value and learn the skills needed to pursue the journey to reach what “success” means to you.”

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