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Manhattanville Professor Wins New York Emmy for Work in Enhanced Sports Replay

Mike Webb & Mark JeffersMike Webb (left)Vice President, Broadcast Operations of the YES Network, with Mark Jeffers at the 2014 New York Emmy Awards. Mark Jeffers, an adjunct professor in the Sports Business Management program at Manhattanville College, and his company Mar$ar Sports and Entertainment received the 2014 New York Emmy in Technical Achievement.

Through Mar$ar, Jeffers was able was able to spearhead the deal between Replay Technologies and the  YES Network to have the network use nine of the company’s “freeD” cameras in Yankee Stadium.  The cameras bring viewers “YES View” during ball games, which led to Jeffers and others from the network and company winning the award.

Each of the cameras are  equipped with 360 degree viewing angles using three-dimensional pixels, enhancing the viewer’s enjoyment of live sports through replay giving the viewer at home an in depth look of the hitter, close plays at home plate, and more.   

“The biggest happiness I got out of this was that the technology really helps the viewers at home enjoyment of baseball,” says Jeffers.

As the Mar$ar creator is busy enhancing the viewer’s experience at home with replay, the usage of such technologies on the field continues to be an ongoing debate for sports fans. Jeffers, who admits to being somewhat of a baseball traditionalist, understands the frustration some have towards the use of replay in baseball and the slowing of the game, but insists it helps.

“As a technology guy I think (enhanced replay) is great!” he said.  “Having replay has shown its importance like when (Umpire Jim Joyce) missed that play costing the Tigers pitcher (Armando Galarraga) his perfect game.”

Jeffers founded Mar$ar in 2008 after nearly two decades working in the sports business world with CBS and NBC. Keeping the contacts he developed over the years he embarked on the task of creating a company dedicated on finding emerging technologies and bringing it to the sports networks and leagues.  In barely its sixth year since inception, the company has more than 30 clients and partners, including “Talking Baseball with Ed Randall,” Grand Prix NY, and Golden Gloves.