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Manhattanville College’s Shannon Hargrove Awarded for “Hired or Fired” Game Show

Shannon HargroveShannon Hargrove, right, was honored for her "Hired or Fired" game show. A couple of months after being named Director of Manhattanville College’s Center for Career Development, Shannon Hargrove was honored her "Hired or Fired" game show.

“This is a nice way to start off my new role,” says Hargrove, while holding her award letter. She was promoted to her current role after serving as the Assistant Director since joining the College in July of 2011.

“My goal is to continue to develop the Center for Career Development not just on campus but also develop our name in the career development community.  This is just the beginning!”

Hargrove and “Hired or Fired” received the third place Alva C. Cooper Award for Best Practices in Career Development from the Metropolitan New York College Career Planning Officer's Association on May 2. The awards are given annually to recognize the work of members of the association and to promote its mission of professional growth and exchanging ideas, information, and creative solutions about career services on college campuses.

The game is made up of four rounds in which three pre-selected contestants are asked a series of questions that are common to the job interview process. Unknown to the crowd is that one of the contestants is a “pseudo” contestant, purposely giving wrong answers to highlight what not to say.

Round one typically focuses on basic interview questions, which often prompt the contestant to talk about themselves. The questions in round two are about behavioral practices, prompting a contestant to tell of a time they responded to a certain conflict. Round three is a curve ball round, in which contestants are asked questions that typically catch interviewees’ off-guard, and lastly the bonus round in which the contestants are promoted to ask questions of the interviewer a common tactic that shows ones interest and research in the position.Shannon Kelly and TatianaCorporanShannon Kelly, left, accepts a gift card from Chartwells from Tatiana Corporan, a student assistant for the Center for Career Devolpment, at "Hired or Fired."

Each contestant is prepped before the show, but their answers are totally unscripted and natural. At the end of each round the crowd is allowed to score the answers given by the contestants through an electronic voting system, and the individual with the highest score at the end wins.

The true winners of the game show are the audience members who through the event are learning proper interview etiquette, through a highly interactive process.

“The programs that we offer are an opportunity for practice”, says Hargrove. “You can practice your interviewing skills, networking, resume writing all things that you can take into the real world and you practice them in a safe environment amongst your peers, counselors, and alumni, encouraging students to be their best selves.”