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Dotcom Club at Manhattanville College Designs Application for PepsiCo

The Dotcom Club at Manhattanville CollegeThe Dotcom Club at Manhattanville College with adviser Prof. Jonathan Munson. Photo taken by Catherine Poarch '15.During the spring semester the Dotcom Club at Manhattanville College was given the opportunity to create an application for the Pepsi Corporation.

Under the guidance of Professor Jonathan Munson, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, a small group of students, created a design plan which they then pitched at PepsiCo. Pepsi representatives were blown away by the pitch delivered by Andres Santiago ‘14, a computer science major, and gave the go-ahead for the students to begin the physical design and programming of the application.  

“While PepsiCo gave an idea of what they wanted, a lot of the design decisions were left up to the students. We were able to give PepsiCo what they wanted and at the same time we were able to show them features they hadn’t thought of that the team thought would be useful,” said Munson. “For instance, we decided to go with a bright color design of the world map so that smaller countries, like in Europe, could be better distinguished.”

A member of the Dotcom Club.A member of the Dotcom Club demonstrates how the app for PepsiCo works. Photo by Catherine Poarch '15.

The application, requested by the tax department at PepsiCo, allows users to swipe across a map and locate various countries around the world. Users then have the ability to click on any country in order to see any relevant documents that are linked to that specific country. This allows the workers within the Tax Department at PepsiCo to have an organized cache of documents that allows them to search and sort through information in a much simpler manner. 

Since most of the work was done over winter break students were forced to piece out the construction of the program into parts and divide them between the students. Angela Gigliotti ‘14, a foreign language major studying classics, is new to computer science but was engaged by the challenge of constructing this application.

“So my club mates and I over the Winter Break, and many Skype sessions, developed this application,” she said. “It was an exciting opportunity and we are very proud of our accomplishment and the relationship we have established with PepsiCo. It was also a great bonding experience for the club, as we all learned what each other's strengths and weaknesses are.”

A screenshot of the app. Projects like these allow students the opportunity to gain real life experience in their future fields. The Dotcom Club is hopeful that PepsiCo will continue to bring programming projects to Manhattanville for students to complete.