Manhattanville Reid Castle In the Spring

"The Following" Shoots at Manhattanville College

A film crew from Kevin Bacon’s popular new television series “The Following” was shooting on campus Tuesday, February 4, making finding a parking spot a challenge for commuters, and creating a flurry of tweets by students hoping for a Kevin Bacon sighting.

The President’s cottage exterior was dressed to look like a fraternity house and the college was briefly identified by a sign saying ‘Northfield College.’

Manhattanville has a long history of providing locations for films, from “The Thomas Crown Affair” to “Admissions”, and to television programs like Martin Scorsese’s “Boardwalk Empire”. 

The Following Crew members for "The Following" set up a shot.   The FollowingPart of Season Two of "The Following" was shot at Manhattanville College  The FollowingThe President's Cottage disguised to look like a fraternity house for "The Following."