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Manhattanville Student Takes Action Against Domestic Violence

Caitlin Sosa

Caitlin Sosa’16 was inspired by a guest speaker in her Introduction to Sociology class with Professor Beth Williford at Manhattanville College to take personal action against the threat of domestic violence.

The guest speaker, Kymberly McNair, visited Sosa’s class primarily to stress the dangers associated with online stalking, but she also discussed her contributions to My Sister’s Place, a center for women and children that aims to stop domestic violence through services, advocacy, and education. Motivated by McNair’s message, Sosa decided to be a mandated reporter this past summer at her job with the Police Athletic League (PAL) as a camp counselor and site director.

A mandated reporter is required by law to report any instances of abuse observed or suspected. Between the training she received from PAL and the material she studied in her sociology class, Sosa felt prepared to help the children in her care and did have to report one incident while at the camp.

“Knowing that I was able to benefit someone else’s life made the training truly worth it.”

Sosa’s experiences have influenced her future plans, for she intends to major in sociology, minor in criminology, and eventually, pursue a career in law enforcement. She is determined to apply these principles of positivity to her daily actions by encouraging the people in her life to help others. She believes that those who are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to provide assistance to those in need should certainly exercise this gift.

As Sosa said, “People can always say something, but their words will never be effective until they do something.”