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Local High School Students Come to Manhattanville to Do Math


Westchester Area Math CircleThe Westchester Area Math Circle is made up of local students and their parents. The Westchester Area Math Circle hosted at Manhattanville College, was awarded a $2,000 grant by the National Association of Math Circles.

“The grant was awarded to us mainly because (Westchester Area Math Circle) is student-run and we are taking it over to make it grow. It’s a seed grant, specifically for up and coming Math circles,” states Paul Ellis, an associate professor of Math at the College and organizer of the Westchester Area Math Circle (WAMC).  

The WAMC was created by high school students Simon Zheng, James Drain, Andrew Guo, Alex Mun, and Alex Lin in 2012 to provide other students an opportunity to get together to do math. The group came to Manhattanville in the fall of 2013 after they were introduced to Ellis by the director of the New York City Math Circle.

“The activities are open for anyone, there are no prerequisites. Its main purpose is really to see the beauty of math outside of a classroom,” states Ellis.

The college professor said he has enjoyed his time leading the organization and working with the younger students. He recalled one time where he gave out a really hard problem which many students could solve but couldn’t support the answer, until an 11-year old stood up and explained it as cleverly as a seasoned mathematician. 

“He stunned me, I learned from him. It’s really fun and inspiring to see young students get really into finding a solution to the problems,” Ellis said. 

Parents, college, high school, and middle school students meet every Wednesday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in Brownson Hall, Room 111, to hear guest speakers and discuss interesting math topics.  Around 30 people show up each week.

For a more detailed schedule of the Westchester Area Math Circle, click here.