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Manhattanville’s Radio Station to be Featured on TV


Zayn Hajji, Candice Segarra, Denise Martincheck, Caitlyn Kirby, Candice Alcantara, Raina Mullen Members of MVL at the CMJ Conference in New York. From left: Zayn Hajji, Candice Segarra, Denise Martincheck, Caitlyn Kirby, Candice Alcantara, Raina Mullen.We are all aware of the power of social media, but now Twitter has become an even more important resource for Manhattanville College’s radio station, MVL, because it led to a connection between the station and MTVU.

It all started when MVL’s Station Director, Candice Alcantara ‘14, tweeted “I LOVE MY COLLEGE RADIO STATION!” on September 9, which triggered MTVU, an extension of the MTV Network that targets college students by offering various genres of alternative, indie rock, pop punk and hip hop music, to invite the radio station to host a week on the show “College Radio Countdown.” The show allows college radio stations to pick music of any genre in any decade that best represents the school and the station.


MTVU has made the process all about the students, offering suggestions to the members of MVL, but ultimately allowed the students to direct, film and edit the material that will be aired nationwide themselves. Helping the radio station create material for “College Radio Countdown” were Casey McGowan ’14 and Nicholas Santa ‘14, from the Manhattanville Video Project.

MVL was first started thirty-four years ago and currently has more than 60 DJ’s and nearly 20 students devoted to marketing. The group hosts listening parties as well as “Unplugged” events that showcase student musicians, comedians and slam poetry. The station is dedicated to giving the Manhattanville community alternative options to mainstream radio and give support to local musicians in the Purchase area.

Alcantara has said, “We hope that as a college radio station, students will take more pride in being involved. We are growing every year”.

The episode of College Radio Countdown featuring MVL will premiere on November 12 at 10 p.m. To find MTVU in your area check with your local cable provider, or tune to channel 38.3 if you are on Manhattanville’s campus.   

Visit MVL’s website any day of the week to listen to the station.