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U.S. Marine Enjoys the Friendly Campus Manhattanville College Provides


Jorge Madan '16, second row, second from the leftJorge Madan '16, second row, second from the left, and his U.S. Marine Corps squad. After serving overseas in Afghanistan for the U.S. Marine Corps, Jorge Madan ‘16 found what he was looking for when he enrolled at Manhattanville College: a welcoming and nurturing community.

“It’s an extremely friendly environment where I am shown respect and never feel alienated,” said Madan, a sports studies major. “The staff and faculty are always very attentive”.  

Madan is one 14 students at the College that are either veterans or veterans dependents because of the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill, Robert Gilmore, director of Financial Aid, said. Manhattanville has also partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs to join in the Yellow Ribbon Program and cover the tuition costs not covered in the G.I. Bill benefits.

“These are people, who by their own actions or the actions of their parents have volunteered to risk their lives for this country,” Gilmore, who is also a veteran, said. “The nation as a community needs to support them, however it can, to thank them for their service.”            

In addition to providing an educational haven for those veterans re-entering civilian life, Manhattanville also has a history of providing training for members of the Armed Forces. In 1943, during War II, the college created the Aloysia Hardey School of Nursing, to help with the shortage of nurses.