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Carnegie Hall Will Host Three Manhattanville Alumnae

Alexis DePersia-Norelli ’06, MA ’13, Stephanie Ofshinsky 06’, MAT’09, and Sabrina Doolittle ’07, MAT ’13Manhattanville College will be well represented at Carnegie Hall on Oct. 19 as three alumnae will share the stage with the Fukushima Mothers' Chorus Association for the 2nd Japan-US Chorus Festival.

Alexis DePersia-Norelli ’06, MA ’13, Stephanie Ofshinsky 06’, MAT’09, and Sabrina Doolittle ’07, MAT ’13, all regularly travel, compete and perform with the Harmony Celebration Chorus. The New Jersey-based group is a barbershop-style chorus made up of more than 60 women that sing a variety of different musical selections.

“I am really excited,” DePersia-Norelli said adding that their final rehearsal Wednesday night went really well and that she is looking forward to performing. "We are going to be singing and dancing at Carnegie Hall. That is crazy.”

The Fukushima Mothers’ Chorus Association is made up of 750 members split into 32 groups all hailing from Fukushima prefecture, Japan, an area recently devastated by the earthquake and a subsequent nuclear power plant failure in 2011. Although many of the members were forced to evacuate and live in temporary homes they still actively perform around the world.

The Harmony Celebration Chorus will be the third act to take the stage, just before the Fukushima Mothers’ Chorus Association and the two groups will perform two songs together. The two groups won’t be meeting until Saturday when they have a short rehearsal before the concert, however despite their different styles and backgrounds DePersia-Norelli expects all of them to connect through music.

“For me, music is one of those cool things that translates across cultures,” she said.

Other acts include the Japan Choral Harmony “Tomo” and the Manhattan Symphonie.

People can donate to On the Road to Fukushima, an organization helping achieve environmental recovery to Fukushima, either at the concert or in advance. Contact Mike Shirota for more information on donations.

The concert will begin at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 and seating is on a first come, first served basis. Contact the Carnegie Hall box office for tickets, 212-247-7800.

Visit the concert’s website for more information.