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Duchesne Center Play Will Raise Funds For Charity


Tykeah Thomas and Khadijah Davis   “The Seduction” an original one act play based off the movie “The Graduate”, will be performed at Manhattanville College for charity, with all proceeds going towards taking youths from the Coachman Family Center to a Broadway play.

Focused on a love triangle between the three leads, “The Seduction” depicts Melinda Jones, a freshman at Great Lakes College, who has fallen for Professor Thomas Kent, a man seven years older. However, All-American Christopher Kent, Thomas’s younger brother, wants Melinda and will not stop until he has her. The play is full of romance, laughs and great twists.

Auditions for the play were held in September which allowed Lucas Ruderman ’17, to get the part of Christopher Kent in his first production at Manhattanville. As a commuter, he became involved with the play so that he could spend more time on campus and constructively support the community.

“As a freshman I figured it would be a good idea to audition and get involved in other activities around campus,” said Ruderman. “The play has been a great first college experience and, though I have never met the Coachman students I am thrilled that my involvement in the play can help give them a chance to see a Broadway show.”

Performed by a cast of eight students, Writer-director Craig Donnelly has been holding rehearsals since the beginning of the semester to make this play the best adaptation it can be. Though not his first time directing, this is the first Duchesne Center sponsored play with a full script, and not based on improvisation, Donnelly, program coordinator for the Duchesne Center, said.  

Cris Ramierez, Lucas Ruderman, Shawnice Rogers and Khadijah Davis The Duchesne Center hopes to send the students from the Coachman Center to see “The Lion King”. The Coachman Center works with at-risk youths in Westchester County through a myriad of unique activates to foster positive change and prevent a next generation of poverty.

“By being able to attend a Broadway play these children who have never been introduced to the arts can experience something different,” said Donnelly. “They have been pushed from shelter to shelter and this trip allows them to leave their comfort zone and have an enjoyable experience.”

“The Seduction” will be performed Thursday, October 17, through Sunday, October 20, at 8 p.m. in the Ex Theatre in Founders Hall. Tickets are $5 per person and Duchesne hours will be given to those who attend.