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Renovated Greenhouse Reopens at Manhattanville College

 The greenhouse at Manhattanville CollegeTriBeta, an undergraduate society for biology students, will reopen the greenhouse at Manhattanville which recently underwent renovations since being left unused since 2005

After receiving a grant of $100,000 from the George I. Alden Trust, Manhattanville College began renovations. The work included replacing the existing greenhouse structure, repairing the roof on which it sits, purchasing equipment, furnishings and plants, and updating the electrical, water and climate control systems.

Suburban Sunrooms, a local greenhouse supplier handled the repairs.

Having a greenhouse will help enhance the research in the biology and envioremental studies courses. Professors can work hands on with students using “teaching plants”, homegrown plants that are used specifically for experiments. They will save money by growing geraniums, ferns, coleuses, and other plants. The greenhouse will also host Associate Professor Anna Yeung-Cheung’s bamboo experiement about the effect of pesticides on bamboo and will also assist with Professor Nancy Todd’s upper level environmental classes.

The greenhouse will employ student workers, who will be paid to manage climate control, water plants, and take care of other general maintenance.

“I am hopeful that in the future that there will be student researchers that use the greenhouse. I also hope we can extend these improvements into building a garden on the roof of the music building as well as starting compost,” Professor Todd said.

There will be a reopening ceremony on Wednesday, Oct. 9, at 4p.m., Brownson Hall, Biology Department.  For more information on the greenhouse and the ceremony contact Professor Todd.