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Underprivileged Kids Camp With the Duchesne Center House


Duchesne Scholars Camping with Homeless ChildrenSeveral students from the Duchesne Center House provided children from a local homeless shelter with a true camping experience.

On Saturday, September 7, eight children from the Coachman Family Center in White Plains arrived on campus for an activity filled night. The children danced around a campfire, took part in trust walks, worked on arts and crafts, and ended the night making s’mores. 

Leading and organizing the camping trip were Gysel Montufar ’16, Iris Chadwick ’16, and Jeanine Strother ’15. All students who live in the Duchesne Center House must make a commitment to reside there as part of a community and to collaborate with others on joint projects, events and activities related to the house theme of giving to the community.

“At first I was worried that the kids would be scared or might get bored, but they were full of excitement and thankful for everything that we did for them,” Montufar said, adding that she hoped to hold another camping trip. “Not only was it a great experience for the kids but for us as well and I am sure that all of the volunteers were able to walk away saying they learned something from the kids.”

“Doing the overnight camping trip was a great experience for both the volunteers and the kids. I had a great time with the kids and actually learned a lot from them,” Chadwick said, “They are so kind, respectful and just happy, even though they might be in a tough situation. Some of the kids had never gone camping before so to share that experience with them was great”.

Though the Duchesne Center holds many events regularly with children from the Coachman Family Center on campus, the camping event was a new way Manhattanville could help the greater community.