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Manhattanville Promotes ePortfolio as Successful Avenue for Education at AAEEBL Annual Conference

Gillian HannumManhattanville College's ePortfolio initiatives were well represented at the AAEEBL 2013 Annual Conference, "The ePortfolio Field Coming of Age: Knowledge, Research and Practice," held July 29 – August 1 at Hynes Convention Center in Boston. The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning was founded in 2009 as an international professional organization for those dedicated todeveloping and transforming learning through the use of electronic portfolios. Its role is to catalyze implementation of ePortfolio pedagogy among educators.

Manhattanville, where ePortfolios are now the centerpiece of our longstanding Portfolio System, had six faculty members and one student giving five different presentations at the conference, which drew participants from the United States, Canada, the U.K., Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and the Netherlands. On the first day of the conference, Alison Carson, Associate Professor and Chair of Psychology as well as Chair of the Board on Academic Standards, and Sherie McClam, Assistant Professor of Education and Director of Manhattanville's Center for Teaching and Learning, presented "ePortfolios as a Catalyst for Change in Teaching: A Case Study for Faculty Development," a project to which Gillian Greenhill Hannum, Professor of Art History, and Jim Frank, Professor of Studio Art, also contributed. Using theories emphasizing situated learning and communities of practice, they explored the impact of being part of the ePortfolio leadership team, and working with Teaching and Learning Circles for faculty development, had on the teaching practices and pedagogical philosophies of each of the four members of the team. This research project was also just accepted for presentation at the annual Association for American Colleges and Universities annual meeting this January in Washington, D.C.

During the Tuesday afternoon poster session, Diane Gomez, Associate Professor of Education, and Courtney Kelly, Assistant Professor of Education, both shared their work with ePortfolio. Dr. Gomez, in collaboration with former Manhattanville faculty member Diane Lang, presented her poster "Fluid and Dynamic Representation of Professional Identity as a Teacher: ePortfolio Project." The project documents the emerging development of ePortfolios of pre-service teachers showing their student teaching experience, which proved to be shared and fluid spaces that encouraged pre-service teachers' social and professional evolution. Dr. Kelly shared her work in her First-Year Seminar Doing School, in her poster "Constructing a Course Community with ePortfolio." Not coincidentally, one of Professor Kelly's exercises from her first-year class was recognized as the most "learning centered" during a group workshop in Wednesday's plenary session "What Learning-Centered Means: ePortfolios in Times of Transition," led by Helen Chen, Director of ePortfolio Initiatives at Stanford University, and Gary Brown, Academic Director of AAEEBL. Also on Wednesday, Professors Gomez and Frank were featured in an "Ignite Session," an automated timed presentation with informal remarks. Their topic was "When the Teacher Becomes the Student: Lessons Learned Using ePortfolio in the Tenure and Promotion Process." Finally, on Thursday morning Professors Hannum and McClam were joined by student Patricia Rodriguez-Diaz '15 for a presentation titled "Using ePortfolios to Promote Collaborative Teaching and Learning in First-Year Seminars," in which they gave examples of various ways in which faculty/student, faculty/faculty and student/student collaboration had been fostered. Patricia then spoke about her experience in Professor McClam's seminar focusing on Social Media for Social Change and her group's project "Better Food Systems."

In addition to Professor Kelly's assignment being designated the most "learning centered" in a crowd-sourcing exercise led by Dr. Chen at Wednesday's plenary, Manhattanville was also singled out for mention at the opening plenary on Tuesday, "ePortfolios as Catalysts for Change: Reframing a Movement in a Rapidly Shifting Landscape," presented by Randy Bass, Associate Provost for Institutional Renewal at Georgetown and Bret Eynon, Dean for Academic Affairs, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY. Manhattanville is in its third and final year as part of the Connect to Learning grant, a FIPSE-funded grant through LaGuardia's Making Connections National Resource Center, in which twenty-four colleges and universities from around the country have worked to build a resource and document best practices in the use of ePortfolios in higher education.

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