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Manhattanville Alumna Marciana Ramos Receives Praise for Doctoral Research

Marciana RamosAfter graduating from Manhattanville in May of 2010 with a double major in psychology and math, a minor in dance, and the highest Latin Honors, Ramos'10 is receiving media attention for her doctoral research on relationship satisfaction and marital conflict.

"My dissertation is based in part on findings from my thesis regarding openness with one's romantic partner," Ramos said of her study at the University of North Texas where she entered a doctoral program in psychology. "In order to further investigate the role of openness and communication within a romantic relationship, both members of a marriage will participate in my study so that I have both persons' perspective on themselves and each others' thoughts, feelings and actions."

Participants in Ramos' study complete a questionnaire pertaining to each spouse's perception of the conflict and complications in their respective marriages, which the couples later discuss while being videotaped for data collection. The couples in Ramos' study cover a wide range of ages and vary in the number of years each has been joined in matrimony. "A major part of my study is the way in which married couples display conflict with one another," Ramos said. Ongoing evaluations of the couples in the study take note of the physical tensions observed during rising conflicts between the spouses. Other aspects, such as the frequency that a couple demonstrates "repair attempts," or strategies to defuse the fighting, are also noted. Follow-up questionnaires are administered at later stages in the study to determine the extent to which open communication between married couples predicts successful and lasting unions. Data collection for the study will continue until May 2014. "As my professional dreams unfold," Ramos said, "I am reminded of the fabulous mentors I had in the Psychology Department at Manhattanville College. I have the utmost appreciation for the support and education I received from them, which has prepared me for my graduate work and future career."