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Manhattanville Faculty attend AAC&U Summer Institute

Association of American Colleges and Universities LogoA team of Manhattanville College faculty attended the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Summer Institute, a conference held from June 1 to June 5. The Institute brought together over 200 faculty and administrators from more than 40 colleges and universities across the United States.

The Institute's mission was to "work to redesign and develop assessment plans for general education programs, develop and expand high-impact educational practices, and advance integrative and engaged learning in and across the disciplines."

Members of the Core Curriculum Committee at Manhattanville, Professors Sherie McClam of the School of Education, Alison Carson, of the department of Psychology and Chair of the Board on Academic Standards, and Jim Bryan professor of Economics, Finance, & Management and Chair of the Core Curriculum Committee, attended the conference, along with Assistant Provost Michaela Rome.

"It was a wonderful opportunity in at least two ways," Professor Bryan said. "Manhattanville representatives were able to compare ideas with people from other colleges as we defined curricular issues and looked for possible solutions.. Second, it gave the four faculty and administrators from Manhattanville an opportunity to work in a very concentrated way to develop ideas for extending the model that has been developed to date by our Core Curriculum Committee."

The College implemented its current General Education curriculum in the fall of 2009. The Committee on Core Curriculum was established as a direct result of agreement among the faculty to work towards a more comprehensive and unique curriculum reflective of Manhattanville's mission.

"Our participation in the Summer Institute was very beneficial as we were able to interact with other institutions engaging in the same general education revision process as well as learn from Institute faculty, who have much direct experience with general education programs as well as the research investigating best practices supporting student success," Professor Carson said.