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Manhattanville Hosts LGBTQ Week

ShangelaThe Manhattanville College Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) hosted LGBTQ week beginning April 15. Activities included a bake sale, discussion panel, drag show, documentary viewing, and game night.

"I am so proud of GSA and what has been accomplished this semester," Ali Hoyt '14, co-president of the GSA, said.

On Monday, April 15, GSA started the week with their bake sale titled "April Showers Bring...Baked Goods!" The event celebrated the arrival of spring through delicious baked treats and proved to be one of the best bake sales in the club's history.

Manhattanville's first ever Drag Show was a success on Tuesday, April 16. GSA collaborated with SUNY Purchase, Office of Campus Life, the Campus Activities Board, and the Duchesne Center. Hoyt and Co-President Danny Bush '15 hosted the event, featuring special guest 'Shangela', from seasons two and three of RuPaul's Drag Race.

"The Drag Show was the biggest accomplishment," Anissa Loftin'15, GSA's upcoming vice president, said. "It was a huge deal for us, and I'm sure for the students as well to have this star come and perform."

The next night, GSA and the Duchesne Center hosted, "The Minorities of the Sexual Spectrum Open Discussion Forum." Discussions focused on lesser-known sexual identities including bisexuality, asexuality, gender queer, transgender, pansexuality, and more. Various guests from SUNY Purchase's LGBTQU and Trans Action groups, and White Plains' LGBT Center, 'The Loft" participated.

Paris is Burning (1990), was shown on Thursday, April 18. The documentary film gave students insight on the history and culture of gay and transgender Latino and African American drag queen performances in NYC in the 1980's.

On Friday April 19, GSA celebrated the ending of LGBTQ week with "Michael Jackson Game Night" where students played the "Michael Jackson Experience" dancing Wii game, and MVL provided Michael Jackson music for the event. Students also enjoyed playing board games including a huge game of Twister.

"Our goal for this week was to shed more light upon transgender/transsexual awareness and understanding," Hoyt said. "I hope that LGBTQ Week made people think about issues they hadn't thought of before, and I hope our community found it exciting. Get ready for Manhattanville's Gay-Straight Alliance, because the best is yet to come!"