Manhattanville Reid Castle In the Spring

Dance and Theatre Department 2013 Spring Dance Concert

Manhattanville DancersManhattanville College's Dance and Theatre Department will host their annual "Spring Dance Concert", on Thursday April 18 until Sunday April 21.

"Around 40 dancers from 20 different departments joined together to form this year's dance concert. It's a collaborative effort", said Professor Pucci, producer/artist in residence.

This year, Cynthia Alonzo '13, Hannah Healey '13, and Sara Lewis '13 will be presenting their senior thesis projects in collaboration with the Spring Dance Concert. This will be the first time in Manhattanville College history that the senior thesis projects will be incorporated into Spring Dance Concert instead of being held as their own event.

"It's bittersweet, we build up to this moment since freshman year," said Hannah Healey.

The guest choreographers are Professor Pucci, whose new piece will include 9 student dancers, and Keely Garfield a choreographer whose work contains elements of meticulous organization coupled with disruption.

There are a vast amount of different dance styles being presented along with different subject matter. Some of these years themes include: a comedic play on gender roles, addiction and temptation, a travel abroad trip to Italy, and a comment on bulling based off of "Kyle's Story".

"Spring Dance Concert 2013" is an exhibition of student choreographed pieces along with guest choreographers. These performances will be held on 8:00pm from Thursday April 18 to Saturday April 20 and at 2:00pm on Sunday April 21. Student and senior citizen tickets are $5 and general admission is $10. For more information or to reserve tickets email Dance and Theatre.