Manhattanville Reid Castle In the Spring

Manhattanville College Featured in Tina Fey’s Admission

Tina Fey spent part of the spring of 2012 at Manhattanville College, along with actor Paul Rudd and director Paul Weitz, filming Admission, which opened Friday, March 22 at most major theaters around the country.  Between May 7 and June 4, scenes where shot in the third floor Offices of Admissions and the second floor President’s Office.

“Having Admission shot on our campus, was an exciting time for the entire campus community,” said Kevin O'Sullivan, Director of Admissions at Manhattanville. “ It was ironic that the movie was being filmed during what is traditionally the busiest time of the year in a college admissions office.”

Kevin had the opportunity to sit with director Paul Weitz while Fey was filming a scene with Wallace Shawn, discussing a prospective student’s admission decision.

“It was a surreal experience to have them depicting what our admissions staff does on a daily basis. Tina was also kind enough to sign a copy of her book “Bossypants” on her last day, thanking me for letting her use my office during filming,” O’Sullivan said.

All the members of the campus community who had the opportunity to spend time with the crew have excellent things to say about Fey and her team.

“There was a great deal of maneuvering and temporary displacement, but everyone was gracious and cheerful about it,” said Ada Gallo, Director of Reid Castle Services. “What helps is that film crews are generally really great people to work with- respectful of the property, but also really friendly and polite.”
The movie is currently running successfully at the Box Office, and members of the Manhattanville Community who have watched it have been doing their best to identify various locations and scenes that were shot on campus.

“Experiencing what it was like to be on a Hollywood set with highly accomplished actors like Tina Fey and Paul Rudd was a truly humbling experience and we are very proud to have several aspects of the movie shot on our campus," Nikhil Kumar, VP of Enrollment Management said.