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Professor Joseph Fasano Publishes First Book "Fugue for Other Hands"

Fuge book cover imageJospeh Fasano's first book of poetry, Fugue for Other Hands, is to be released by Cider Press Review. After winning the 2011 Cider Press Book Award, the publication has already gained praise by many critics. A release party is being held on Tuesday, March 19, to celebrate the launch of the book.

"It seems to me that this collection is obsessed with a handful of subjects, to which it returns again and again," stated Fasano. "I'm attracted to the idea that the structuring of these repeated subjects happens partly in the author's hands, and partly in the reader's."

The title speaks to the aim of the poetry included within the collection. The word fugue has various meanings, the main one being of a musical form where the theme is repeated throughout the piece. The compilation of poems that Fasano has created all touch upon, in some way, repetition as a form or subject.

"I suppose all I can hope is that those who read my work bring to it the usual human wish for structure and linearity, and that they recognize themselves in the fractures of that structure," added Fasano.

With included poems such as "The Joy That Tends Toward Unbecoming" and "Sudden Hymn in Autumn" there is no question as to why the book has gained such acclaim before release. The poems cover a multitude of themes including memory, death, and the natural world.

"I've been working on a new manuscript since the fall of 2011, and I see now that it's concerned in an even more conscious way than 'Fugue' with the fragmentation of narrative. Many of the poems directly address the difficulty of 'storytelling' in the lyric," concluded Fasano.

Joseph Fasano was born and raised in New York State's Hudson River Valley. He earned a B.A. in philosophy from Harvard University in 2005 and an M.F.A from Columbia University in 2008. His poems have appeared in The Yale Review, The Times Literary Supplement, Tin House, FIELD, The Southern Review and Boston Review, among other journals.

With novelist and fellow Manhattanville academic, Kristopher Jansma, Joseph Fasano will be reading poems from Fugue for Other Hands on Wednesday, March 27th, at 7 p.m. in the Manhattanville College Library.