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Aarushi Bhandari, ’13 to Present Thesis at The Society for the Study of Social Problems

Aarushi at International Bazaar

Aarushi Bhandari, a senior English and Sociology major, is to present her Senior Thesis, "The Impact of Neoliberalism on the Food Security of Developing Countries: A Case Study of Nepal", at The Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) conference in New York City in August. Bhandari has worked with multiple members of the Sociology Department to prepare for the presentation.


Professor Eric Slater worked with Bhandari on her thesis for two semesters and Professor Elizabeth Cherry has worked with Bhandri since freshman yeargiving her the opportunity to see the growth and development of Bhandari's work. After reading Bhandari's senior thesis, Professor Cherry urged her to send it in to the conference.

"I thought Aarushi would be a perfect candidate for the conference, not only is it wonderful that she is presenting at SSSP, it's quite rare that undergraduate students present papers in a regular session," stated Cherry. "Aarushi has worked very hard throughout her academic career at Mville, and with her desire to go to graduate school, presenting her thesis at an academic conference will serve her well in that endeavor."

Bhandari herself has always shown her involvement with global issues throughout her four years here at Manhattanville. As a board memeber of the International Students Organization and a Duchesne Scholar, Bhandari has focused much her time at college on her interest in global studies.

"Everyone has one grand issue with the way the world works and mine has always been a disbelief in the mere presence of food insecurity in many parts of the world in the 21st Century", Bhandari said. "For my thesis I wanted to delve into the causes behind this tragedy and once I started doing research, it was a logical progression to study the impacts of neoliberal globalization."

Her senior thesis will come together as a thematic presentation entitled "Critical Dialogues: How do You Make Claims for Social Welfare in the Era of Neoliberalism?" While writing the paper was only part of the challenge, Bhandari enjoyed every minute of it. However looking on to presenting it at SSSP, Bhandari is excited about the new experience brought on by her thesis.

"Writing the forty-page thesis was like climbing a mountain: it was a thrilling adventure, but at the same time there was an urgency to get to the top," said Bhandari. "There were sleepless nights, and nights spent in the library complaining with the rest of the Sociology seniors. But then, there was the rare sense of accomplishment when it was finished and that was well worth it."