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The 36th Annual International Bazaar Festival

International Bazaar Flyer 2013

The 36th Annual International Bazaar, taking place on Friday, March 1, is set to figuratively take the Manhattanville College community aboard the Queens-bound #7 Train, also known unofficially as the International Express.

One of Manhattanville's most anticipated yearly events, this year's Bazaar is themed around the various multicultural stops that exist between 42nd Street in Manhattan and Flushing, Queens. The International Student Organization (ISO), organizers of the Bazaar, felt that this theme would be exciting as some of the stops include ethnic recreations from China, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Korea, Nepal, and many more nations that are directly represented by Manhattanville Students.

"You just never know what will happen at the Bazaar, we liken it to having dinner on the subway during rush hour, with entertainment," said L.A. Adams, Director of International Student Services and long-standing advisor to the ISO. "This year that analogy fits perfectly since our theme is Manhattanville to Queens following the International Express #7 train – where every kind of ethnic food is available, it just depends on the stop or how far you want to walk."

The International Bazaar dinner is an opportunity for the Manhattanville Community to try cuisines from many parts of the world while enjoying creative and energetic performances by students, including a fashion show, dances, music and much more. The food this year will represent a portion of the large variety of ethnic eats one might expect to find while traveling on the 7 train, and the performances promise to be more unique and energized than ever before.

"While organizing the Bazaar, I got to see more diversity and talent on campus, more than I had expected," said Dae Rak Lee '13, President of the ISO.

Other exciting features of the Bazaar are the mini games and contests taking place throughout the night that acquaint and reacquaint the community with diverse cultural insights. New York City Metro Cards will be awarded to winners of the mini games as a tie-in with the theme. There will also be a raffle at the end of the night, and some of the prizes include a smart T.V., Kindle Fire, Wii Resort, and more. Filled with a myriad of activities, the Bazaar is set to be an all around extravaganza.

"As a senior, I'd like this event to be a memorable one that people refer to as the Bazaar of 2013," Lee said.