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Amanda Banzy ’14 Blogs About Study Abroad In Israel

Amanda Banzy PictureAmanda Banzy ’14 is spending her Spring semester in Israel and recently began a blog detailing her cultural and religious excursions. The World Religions major decided to study abroad in Israel because it integrated her coursework with real time experiences.

“The way that religion and society comes together here is so fascinating and something that no other city in the world could offer me,” Banzy said.

As a way of sharing her unique cultural experiences, Banzy has sustained an informative and engaging blog that describes her experiences in both language and images.

The blog, “The Good Days” can be accessed here. 

“I decided to start a blog so everyone at home could know what I was experiencing over here, and so that I could have a place to record all my memories,” she said.

This is Banzy’s first experience with blogging and she is thrilled by the knowledge that she can communicate her experiences with the rest of the world. She plans on continuing and expanding her blog in the future.

“I plan to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to me during my stay here, and to maintain my blog so that anyone who has never traveled to Israel can get an inside look at the country and culture,” she said.