Manhattanville Reid Castle In the Spring

McGowan Creates Video Tribute

At the raising of the banner ceremony held on Saturday, February 2, 2013 Trevoy Pointer joined the elite Valiants of the Manhattanville Men’s Basketball team. Casey McGowan, a junior communications major with a concentration in film studies filmed the ceremony and created a short video in Pointers honor.

“Well, I've known T.P the whole time I've been here at the school so it really is great to see how people can grow in college,” said McGowan, “and having your name on the banner is something special that everyone can look back and see what he accomplished in his years at college.”

The video is a great representation of Pointer leaving behind a legacy at Manhattanville. However, it also captures moments that look forward at how being a player on the team and a student here at Manhattanville has affected Pointer since graduating in spring 2012. Basketball was not merely a sport Pointer played at Manhattanville but an experience that continues to influence him even after his time here at Manhattanville.

This short video highlights the ways in which the Manhattanville students, athletes and non athletes alike, can come together to support another students achievement.

“I made it not only for Trevoy to have as a personal item but also for the school. A way to show what students and athletes can do at this school,” stated McGowan. “By showing pride in our athletics it shows other students on campus that you can promote your love of film or any subject while still having pride Manhattanville.”

Casey McGowan is not on the Basketball team, but this video is not only about the achievements of an athlete. It is about how the experience at Manhattanville impacted a student and how that student in return left his mark on Manhattanville.

Trevoy Pointer will always be able to look back at the banner hanging in Kennedy Gym and remember his time on the Manhattanville Basketball team, just as incoming students will be able to work hard so they too can earn their spot.