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Jeanine Strother is Making an Impact

  Jeanie StroderWith her short film, Cradle My Love, Jeanine Strother '15 is taking on the issue of domestic violence and hoping to help at least one woman find her way out of a dangerous situation.

"I choose to tackle domestic violence because many people can relate to this horrifying incident," Strother said. "Most people know at least one person who has dealt with domestic violence or abuse. I wanted to show people how dangerous being in a domestic violence relationship can be."

Written, directed, and starring Strother, along with fellow Manhattanville student Patrick Cornilio '15, Cradle My Love, highlights the intense reality of domestic abuse and abortion. The woman's unborn child narrates the film, which also provides ways to get help if involved in an abusive relationship.

Hoping to reach a larger audience, Strother submitted her film to the "Girls Impact the World Film Festival," a film festival and scholarship program presented by Connecther and Harvard College Social Innovation Collaborative.

"I was really interested in the festival because it gave me the opportunity to work on a new project while spreading awareness about an important issue," she said.

Films submitted to the festival can be no longer than five minutes, and must focus on a global women's issue. Some issues featured in the festival include sex trafficking, poverty, domestic violence, and women in the media.

Cradle My Love is posted on the Girls Impact the World Film Festival website for viewing until February 1, 2013. The winner will be chosen from those films with the most votes by a panel of judges. An official screening and red carpet will also take place at Harvard University, Cambridge MA on February 23, 2013.

To view and support Jeanine Storther's film Cradle My Love follow the link

The film is going to be presented at the Manhattanville Rising World Wide Event on February 6. This event is inspired by 1 Billion Rising World Wide.