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Bhinnata Piya ’12 Relocates to Rural Nepal to Help Bring Healthcare to the Poor

Bhinnata Piya thumbFor her senior thesis, Bhinnata Piya '12 studied the barriers to healthcare in rural Nepal. She spent time researching the non-profit organization, Nyaya Health, which works to provide transparent and free healthcare for people in rural Nepal. She was intrigued by the organization and its effort.

Nyaya is the Nepali would for "the realization of just systems" and according to the Nyaya Health website, "The word implies action, and we are all about realizing the right to health by delivering transparent, data-driven health care for Nepal's rural poor." When she heard they were hiring, she was quick to apply, and Nyaya, enthused by her continued interest, was quick to hire her.

"I had always planned on working for a non-profit, I found Nyaya Health's determination to build an organization rooted in the philosophy of "nyaya" very compelling," Piya said.

Piya works as Assistant to the Country Director at the first free hospital in Achham, Nepal. Her primary job is to facilitate management of all hospital operations and in-country programs, as well as directly liaise between US and Nepal-based executive teams via communication, logistical coordination and strategic development. She also does a lot of translation and interpretation for the country director and the expat professionals, who are not fluent in Nepali.

"Every day is an adventure in Achham, and that is probably one of the biggest challenges that we face as a team working in rural Nepal," she said. "We deal with unexpected and complex problems on a daily basis, and in addition, work on different projects simultaneously."

The transition from her hometown in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, and from Manhattanville to Achham was drastic and could have been a real challenge. Not only is Accham a rural community, but running water and electricity are not guaranteed.

"Instead of taking this transition as a challenge, I took it as an opportunity to explore my deeply rooted commitment to efficient delivery of quality health care services in rural Nepal," she said. "I made up my mind to make the best out of whatever Achham had to offer."