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Regina Carli '11 to Screen Experimental Dance Film at Prestigious Film Festival

Regina Carli bucketManhattanville alum Regina Carli will screen her short, stop-motion animation rendition of the classic ballet Swan Lake at the 41st Annual Dance on Camera Festival held by the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

"I am absolutely thrilled and honored to be involved with such a prestigious organization that supports the art of dance film," Carli '11 said.

Carli's Swan Lake was inspired by a panel from one of The Avengers comic books where the superhero Black Widow is working undercover as a spy dancing for a Russian ballet company.

"I loved the concept of seeing dance in a comic book! This seemed very unique to me. That is when I got the idea to use my boyfriend's Black Widow and Hawkeye action figures to create a love story ballet," she said.

Click here to see the trailer for Swan Lake.

Because of the challenges associated with the fact that action-figures don't move on their own, Carli decided to experiment with stop-motion animation. She believes that this up-and-coming art form is on par with the changing digitalized world.

"I think the film says a lot about the future of art in relation to popular culture, the internet, and the short attention spans created by the amount of media we are constantly fed on a daily basis," she said.

Her statement rings true, given the positive attention the film received from internet users. Only four hours after she uploaded Swan Lake to the popular social news website Reddit, it received over 4,000 hits.

Carli created the film in a matter of days as practice with her new filmmaking tools before starting graduate school at University of California, Irvine, where she is currently pursuing an MFA in Dance and Digital Media. She decided to send it to the Dance on Camera Festival since she was allowed one free submission as a member of Dance Films Association. The acceptance to screen her film at the festival was a pleasant surprise, one that encourages her to take more chances.

"I think you imagine your first film to be screened in a festival to be epic, perhaps a manifesto, something you have poured your heart and soul into. My experience just goes to show that if you have the drive and just start creating then anything can happen," she said. "You have to start somewhere, or else you'll never get anywhere."