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Manhattanville Alum Helps Spread the Word on HIV/AIDS in South Africa

Hunt thumbManhattanville College alum, Lisa-Marie Hunt '12, is spending her summer as a production intern for a new documentary film, The Social Cure.

The film, directed by Meissa Hampton, explores how social media and networking can work to spread positive behaviors in regards to HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

As a production intern, Hunt has many jobs; including helping to build social media traffic on the project's many social platforms. She helps spread news about HIV/AIDS and promote the documentary.

A communications/film studies major at Manhattanville, Hunt was drawn to the project through her commitment to service projects and a love of filmmaking.

"It was helping people and it was the only thing I had seen that was like that. This was a social message, service – to help a cause," she said. "In America we know so much about HIV/AIDS but I'm learning so much more about the cause since I've joined the project."

socialcureThe Social Cure is in production under One Pair of Shoes, an independent production company dedicated to the development of insightful, engaging and purposed media. It was founded in 2011 to harness visual media's unique ability to connect viscerally to its audience. Our mission is to engage audiences with works that speak to their emotions, their intellect and our era – works with the potential to affect positive social and cultural change.