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Twelve Biology Seniors Present at the Annual Tri-Beta NE-1 District Convention

Neeta Tri-Beta AwardNeeta Yousef '12 won the First Place Frank G. Brooks Award at the Tri-Beta NE-1 District Convention.Neeta Yousaf '12 won the First Place Frank G. Brooks Award in the Oral Platform category, the top award at the Tri-Beta NE-1 District Convention at Pace University on April 29, 2012. Her research focused on the small bioavailable sodium dichloroacetate molecule, its ability to restore mitochondrial function to cells, and the implications for cancer cells, as well as neurotoxin-induced Parkinson's disease.

At the convention, twelve seniors presented their undergraduate research projects. The variety and scope of the projects illustrates the diversity of research interests of the Biology faculty and the possibilities for presentations and publications in the undergraduate Biology major research program.

Bio Students Tri Beta ConventionPoster presentations sponsored by Dr. Nancy Todd

• Natacha Brutus. Nutrient Availability and Developmental Rate in Dermestes maculates.

• Yasmin Reyes. The Effects of Varying Substrates on the Development of Dermestes maculatus.

Oral presentations sponsored by Dr. Annemarie Bettica

• Nonne Christensen. Wound Healing: The protective efficacies of various vitamin E species and sunscreen constituents on WS-1 human skin fibroblasts with exposure to UV irradiation in a model in vitro system.

• Neeta Yousaf. The neuroprotective and anticarcinogenic properties of sodium dichloroacetate and potent bioantioxidant polyphenols on neuroblastoma cell lines.

• Tizita Zeleke. The potential chemotherapeutic effects of traditional botanical extractions of Ruta chalepensis and Hibiscus sabdariffa and their major constituents on PANC-1 human pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells in vitro.

Poster presentations sponsored by Dr. Annemarie Bettica

• Hawi Debelo. The neuroprotective efficacies of various Panax (Ginseng) and vitamin E species against neurotoxic-induced Parkinson's disease in neuroblastoma cells in vitro

• Amanda Luiso and Michelle Chapman.The neuroprotective efficacies and anti-cancer properties of bioantioxidant polyphenols against neurotoxic-induced Parkinson's disease in neuroblastoma cells and in pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells in vitro

• Tenzin Ragasha. Wound healing: The regenerative effects of calcium hydroxide and citric acid with vitamin E isomers and vitamin D3 in human fibroblasts in vitro

• Lakeesh Shrestha. The effective inhibition of the growth rate of PANC-1 adenocarcinoma cell line by the administration of bioavailable antioxidant lycopene, with the addition of several lipophilic vitamin E constituents

• Henock Tsegaye and Deyshawn Thomas. The enhancement of the neuroprotective properties of silymarin and silibinin by addition of phosphatidylcholine and various bioantioxidant vitamin species against neurotoxic insult-inducing Parkinson's disease in neuroblastoma cells in vitro.