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The Manhattanville Management Capstone Class Finds Success in Online Business Strategy Game

business Strategy Game Contestants Seniors Alex Malikian and Paul Tunno, made the top 100 lists for two measures, out of 2927 teams at 210 schools. The Manhattanville College Management Capstone Class participated in The Business Strategy Game, an online simulation that runs for 10 weeks for the first time this semester. The class, consisting of 15 students, split into six teams, and each team ran a fictional athletic footwear company.

For the week ending April 29, one Manhattanville team, seniors Alex Malikian and Paul Tunno, made the top 100 lists for two measures, out of 2927 teams at 210 schools. Tunno and Malikian ranked 81st for Earnings Per Share, and are ranked 48th for Stock Price for their company.

"Each week throughout the game our company would build on the prior weeks, just as a real business builds on its success year after year," Malikian said. "Paul and I were also very successful in working together. We were both able to compromise on a lot of the business decisions we made and were able to build on each others ideas that led to such a great outcome for the final week."

Each company's final score is based on how well they achieve certain performance targets relating to the company's stock price, earnings per share, return on average equity, credit rating and an image rating (based on their products' styling, quality and the company's social responsibility efforts). They are ranked weekly.

Malikian and Tunno had a basic strategy to build a shoe company that was larger than their competitors and offered the most selection of shoes. They focused on building up plant capacity and making sure that the shoe selection was larger than their rivals. Producing the largest inventory gave them the ability to keep up with consumer demand and secure a large portion of the market share. Being the largest company also enabled them to control the market price, thus offering lower costs with a higher profit margin than competitors.

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