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Castle Scholar Helps Raise Money for Clean Water Supplies

CleanWaterSuppliesSenior Eleanor Schlegel raised $900 dollars for clean water supplies through the Gift of Water program. Schlegel developed the project as part of the Castle Scholars' Senior Retreat.

When Schlegel mentioned her idea to raise money to buy Hippos (water transportation and storage devices) for areas need of clean water, Professor Chris Pappas agreed to match her purchase with one of his own. Soon six other professors agreed to donate.

To start fundraising, Schlegel created three posters that she displayed during the 2nd Annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Fair on April 18. She left out an empty cup for donations and managed to raise $305 dollars.

"It just feels so amazing to be able to give someone something that we take for granted all the time," Schlegel said. "There are so many people who just don't have the privilege of having clean water. It shouldn't be something people have to struggle to get."

The Castle Scholars have now donated 25 Lifestraws (straw-like machines that clean water as one drinks) and five Hippos that will be sent to areas where they are most needed including Haiti and Pakistan. The Castle Scholars hope to continue this initiative for years to come.