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Manhattanville College Launches Master of Fine Arts in Writing Program

Manhattanville College is pleased to announce the launch of its Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Degree Program. The new 36-credit program will be offered beginning in fall of 2012.

"I want to thank the founders of the program and the people who have really kept it thriving by being supportive of the program's future, especially our students, faculty and alumni," said Mark Nowak, Director of the Master of Arts in Writing program.

The MFA program will replace the current 32-credit Master of Arts in Writing. Several new courses have been added to the MFA program, while many of the staples of the MAW, which have made it so hugely successful, will remain including the popular Summer Writers Week. The program will also keep a non-tracking curriculum, allowing students to take courses in many genres rather than in just one set genre. One of the new courses, a "topics" class, will allow significant writers from the New York City area and elsewhere to come to campus to teach a semester class.

"We will continue to stay very close to the mission of Manhattanville," Nowak said. "We are going to do some new things to increase the connection to the social justice, social action aspect of our mission. Also, with the topics course, we hope to attract people to Manhattanville who tie writing, human rights and social justice issues together, as well as specific classes which focus on those principles."

The Master of Fine Arts is a terminal degree in the writing field. Graduates of the program will have the required degree to teach at the college and university level.